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Titus Brand Ambassador Craig Manning has just sent us these pics of an El Guapo build he’s just put together for a friend of his:

“He wanted to get back into riding and wanted a new bike, he was looking at some full builds from Santa Cruz in the low $2K range, I convinced him to spend some more and get a El Guapo. BikerBob helped us out with a full X7 drivetrain, Stan’s Flows, and a Revelation RLT Ti fork. The whole thing was surprisingly affordable. If you want to build one hit up Bikerbob for the parts and you can get the frame directly from Titus.”

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We don’t think we’ve made a big enough fuss about the 6.5lb of awesome that the Titus El Guapo is. We’ve been genuinely blown away by the performance of the bike, at any price, and our new business model means that we can kick every other manufacturer square in the teeth and offer a frame for $999 that simply laughs at everyone elses attempts.

We’ve been selling these out the door and having customers email us with “wow, these are awesome”. And it’s not just them. Legendary Bearded Trail Skills Guru Ed Oxley from Great-Rock has been riding El Guapo for two months now and is loving it.

Read more on Ed’s thoughts here, or watch his videos, below. El Guapo frames are available here.


Hey! My Name is Steve Jones, and I am SUPER Stoked to be your Titus Ambassador for Ontario Canada. I have been an avid cyclist for most of my life, and will ride anything with two wheels. The love affair really took off when I started mountain biking nearly 20 years ago.. After my first ride, covered in mud, freezing cold, with an ear to ear grin… I WAS HOOKED.


I’m 32 years old and  live in Oshawa Ontario (just outside of Toronto)  with my wife, my bikes and our dog and cat. I ride 6 days a week either on the trails or my trainer at home when the weather doesn’t cooperate! My home trails are in Durham Forest near Uxbridge Ontario: In high season you can catch me there around 5:30pm on Weeknights, and 8am on Saturdays; I also travel to ride a lot on weekends.. so watch for upcoming rides in new places.. Some of my favorite spots are: Albion Hills (Home of the 24H  Solstice Race in June), Buckwallow Cycling center in Gravenhurst Ontario, and HardsWood Hills in Barrie Ontario. There so many more, but I wont list them today.. We’ll ride them on our Titus Gear and drop some posts and video for you on each ride!


There aren’t too many events coming in the next few months, but you can be sure I will be at the Toronto International Bike Show March 2-4 at Exhibition Place.. you can also count on my attendance at the 24H race in June at Albion Hills, and the “ice Breaker” in Mansfield near the end of April.


Between now and then you can catch me on the trails! I ride all winter, and will have some wicked video, photos and posts from my winter rides coming soon!



Who: Jeremy

What: Mountain Bikes, Commuting, and Cyclocross with some Beer and geekness on the side.

Where: Beaverton, Oregon

Why: Because life needs to be lived through intent, not by accident

How: IT guy by day.
2012 Calendar is still open until I get some news in February.  I’ve
entered the lottery for the Leadville Trail 100 so that announcement
pretty much dictates my season next year.  My main goal of 2012 is to
race and finish in one 100 mile event.  I have never done anything
like that and would like to see if I can.  I am starting my own team
[] to raise money to fight children’s cancer and that
will be part of the equation also.
Other events that I am thinking/planning about doing are the STXC
series at PIR on Monday nights, The Test of Endurance 50, and the High
Cascades 100.  For the cyclocross season I will be continuing my quest
to become a mediocre cyclocross racer during  some Cross Crusade
events in and around Portland.  I did two this year and have illusions
of grander for next year.

My name is Ray Lachance and I have been riding, racing and coaching for over 20 years. To give you some idea what it was like racing off-road ‘back in the day’ we would race the hill-climb event, wait at the top, race the downhill, and then start the cross-country the next day. This was all done on the same bike and usually with the same wheels and tires! Fast forward 20 years and we now have bikes than can handle the ups and downs equally well and the Rockstar 29’er is a bike that can do it all, and do it well.

I participate in Marathon XC and off-road stage races as well as Road, and Cyclo Cross racing. I am in a unique position to show case Titus bikes at all of my events. I know that they would draw a lot of attention and interest, whether I am on fat or skinny tires. With the vast array of bikes required for all the different styles of riding, Titus, Planet X, and On One, have created superior bikes for performance at any event.


2012 is upon us and I am hoping to have the support of Titus. Whether I am a rock star or a road star does not matter. All that counts is that I am out there representing and having fun doing what I love on two wheels.


Some of my plans for 2012 include:


  • West Coast Super D, very fun early season event with only 15 minutes of pain attached.
  • Gran Fondo Victoria, 270 km of rolling beauty with a few friends, amazing feed zones!
  • Northwest Epic Series, two 60 and one 100 mile off-road events with loads of singletrack
  • High Pass Challenge, 180 km and 2200 meters of road climbing bliss.
  • Switzerland and Italy, 4 weeks of climbing in the Alps and Dolomites; the Stelvio, the Gavia and the Mortirolo.
  • Gran Fondo Verona, 150 km of asphalt single track.
  • Vanier CX, most fun you can have riding in circles on someone’s lawn.

Pierre Cuevas showed us all what a Titus Racer X can do this weekend, taking top spot on the podium at the Coconut Championship in Oleta State Park, Miami. Well done Pierre!

My name is Pierre Cuevas, I am a 28 year old, Colombian native residing in the great state of Florida. I currently work for a trade publication as the vice President of Marketing

I was briefly introduced to cycling back in 2005 and started serious training and racing at the beginning of 2011. With a few races under my belt I managed to pull of a first place win in the XC3-19-29 Category, at the Florida State Championship this past Fall. I am currently second in the 2011 Cocunut Cup series with 3 more races left.

In 2012 I plan on attending: 12 hours of Amelia, 12 hours of Ocala, Markham Hospice 100k, SERC Series 12 races (TBD) , La Roota Championship 12 races, Hammerhead 100 miles, Coconut Cup 6 races, FSC 2012 10 races, La Roota Triathlon Series 5 races.

I look forward to the 2012 season. See you out in the trails!

I’m 44 years old from Reno NV.  My love affair with bicycles began back in 1978 when I got my first Gary LittleJohn BMX bike.  In 1980 I began racing BMX in the Los Angeles area.  I raced all over California until I was 17 years old.  I took a brief break from bicycles until one day I saw a full rigid mountain bike at a local bike shop, I had to have it and have been hooked ever since.  My summer revolves around riding, I train all winter long to be a stronger rider.  I race the local XC race series at Northstar at Tahoe but my favorite type of riding is aggressive trail and freeride.  I’ve recently began taking an annual pilgrimage to the Whistler BC area, there is nothing else like it.  I’ve been riding Titus bikes since the Motolite back in 2006.  I’m currently on an El Guapo which I use for the super techy XC race series at Northstar and all the other incredible riding we have here in Lake Tahoe.  I’m super excited to do my part in promoting the brand I love.  I can’t wait to see what Titus has planned for the future.


I’m Marco Soldano, from San Jose, CA.
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Congratulations to Pierre Cuevas who placed 1st at the 12 hours of Amelia on board his Titus Racer X.

Pierre, along with the rest of his Protech-Base teammates (PHILIP ALTEMUS / VICTOR NELSON / ALFRE PINEDA) won the team event held at Amelia Earhart Park – Hialeah, Florida. Check out more photos from the event here.


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